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Upgrading to CUDA 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

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Ubuntu 16.04 has a supported CUDA 7.5 package which one can install from the command line by just issuing: sudo apt-get install nvidia-cuda-toolkit If you already have CUDA 7.5 installed on your workstation using the default packages provided by Ubuntu, the easiest methods to upgrade is to do the following: First, remove existing cuda-7.5 package: $ sudo apt-get remove nvidia-cuda-toolkit… Read more »

Installing OpenCV 2.4.x with FFMPEG , Python on Anaconda

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If you need to load, display or process videos using OpenCV, it is a pain to have all these installed and configured to work correctly on Ubuntu 14.04 (and to a lesser extent 16.04). OpenCV requires the ffmpeg libs to work with video formats like .avi, .mp4 etc. The problem is Ubuntu did not ship ffmpeg with 14.04 (its not… Read more »

Shortcut to remote hostname via SSH

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I often need to remotely connect to my workstation in the lab via ssh. Each time I log in, I found myself retyping the command: ssh which could be quite tedious. In one of my previous blog post, I have already outlined how we can securely connect to a remote terminal without having to re-type the password each time… Read more »

rsync to transfer files

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A good way to transfer files between machines via the network would be to use rsync. Simply issue the command : rsync -avzPh /source/folder/ user@server.url:/destination/folder/ rsync is usually much faster than another linux command scp (secure copy) because the latter basically reads the source file and writes it to the destination. It performs a plain linear copy, locally, or over… Read more »

Managing Linux terminals using Screen

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Many of us may have encountered this scenario: You are running some terminal-based scripts on your Linux workstations in the lab/office but its taking too long to complete. You need to call it a day at the office but would like to check up on the progress of your script the moment you get home. You try to ssh into… Read more »